Assisted Living Facilities and Group Care Homes Re-Defined

Care Homes Nevada is organized to assist families, health care professionals and the general community find state "A" rated Nevada Residential Care Homes with current vacancies and unite like-minded providers to raise professionalism across the industry.

 We understand the struggles many may face when their loved ones are in need of more assistance than they can provide for them at home.

 This need often arises unexpectedly after a specific event or hospitalization and families are forced to act quickly to find an alternative care setting such as Group Care Homes, that can accommodate all their loved one’s care needs.


Residential Care Homes for Groups

 Residential Care Homes (RCH’s) are the most complete, cost effective, long term care setting available and are a good alternative to being institutionalized in a nursing home. In addition, they are more cost effective than custodial in-home care and can cost effectively accommodate the evolving care needs a resident will face in the future. Also, Assisted Living Facilities in Nevada, (RCH’s), have many levels of monitoring and supervision which are not present with in-home care. Residential Care Homes provide person centered, individualized care to residents in a familiar single family home environment.


Assisted Living Facilities

The term Assisted Living facilities encompasses a wide range of settings and may also be referred to as Group Care Homes and Residential Care Homes for Groups. While many worry about the transition from the senior’s own home to another setting, fear of the unknown is to be expected. In our experience, most residents adjust quickly to their new home environment.


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