About Care Homes Nevada

Care Homes Nevada was created to provide a resource for families, hospital and nursing home discharge planners, and the community who need to find high quality, state “A” & “B” rated Residential Care Homes with current vacancies. Our members are dedicated professionals who work hard to exceed the high minimum standards of care that the state of Nevada requires for all its Residential Care Homes. In addition, our members are committed to working together as an industry to increase the minimum standards of care to ensure all residents receive the highest quality of care, love and respect. Members listed here demonstrate their professionalism by maintaining membership with at least one professional licensed trade association, such as Care Home Alliance of Nevada (CHAN), Association of Homecare Owners of Northern Nevada (AHONN) or Nevada Assisted Living Association (NVALC).



All of our members are proud of their state survey grades and quality of care provided. Our providers are about professionalism and transparency and helping make it easy for everyone to see the care they provide. Our members welcome the very strict oversight & monitoring by the state with annual surveys, Board of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators (Beltca) certified administrators and the State Ombudsman to help to ensure all care homes meet at least the minimum standard of care.