Care Homes Nevada is a community resource.  Members listed on this site agree to follow a high level of professional standards & are committed to working together to for the highest quality care industry wide.  However, each facility, owner, administrator has its own set of guidelines and individual team members therefore we encourage each person to meet the individuals who will be providing the care and service to make their own determination & choice as to which care home is right for their loved ones.

Our goal is to provide and encourage transparency and to facilitate communication with providers and the community.  We are not a state agency or related to any state agencies.  We are a private web site that maintains a list of providers who pay to maintain the web site, staff, and the added levels of monitoring we offer with our complaint board.

We encourage people to use other resources in addition to ours to verify each provider’s credentials and services independent from our own. We do not claim to do in-depth research on each provider.   We only list providers who are known to provide high quality care and have high grades on their state surveys.