Tender Loving Care Senior Residence

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1401 Casa Del Rey Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89117
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Chronic Illness
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We are a family style care setting that focusing on caring.  We go beyond physical care to focus on relationship builing, trust, and continuity of care to achieve the emotion of caring.  We are big enough to be a community with 10 private rooms but small enough to remain personal with a family feel.  For those who have mild cognitive loss they feel like someone is always around.  We have an awake care giver at night which helps seniors with many physical, mobility and emotional care needs feel safe and cared for.  We offer care but allow each person to direct care as they are able which allows each senior to remain in control of their life even when they move into this new setting.  We believe it is special and hope you feel that special connected family feel too when you come for a tour.

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Owner/Administrator Name: 
Shawn McGinvey
Cost Range: 
$4000 and up, depending on room and care needs
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Care Homes Nevada, Inc.

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Tender Loving Care Senior Residence

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence